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Candace Owens Trends Throughout Social Media After Referring To Juneteenth As “Ghetto”

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Cousins! Candace Owens has been trending throughout social media after referring to the holiday celebration of #Juneteenth as being ghetto!

“Juneteenth is soooo lame. Democrats really need to stop trying to repackage segregation. I’ll be celebrating July 4th and July 4th only. I’m American,” she wrote.

Candace says that Juneteenth is amongst various “made up” holidays that contribute to the division of people.

“Foremost, black American culture has gotten ghetto. I know you’re used to the media lying to black Americans pretending that high murder rates, illiterate children, and degenerate music is “progress”, bc “oh look, we gave you Juneteenth!”— but I’m not falling for the bullshit,” she wrote in response to a social media user about her comments.

“If you need your hand held, there are plenty of black and white liberal commentators to choose from that are training black Americans to feel proud of the rot that surrounds them. I am not one of them. “

Juneteenth recently became a recognized Federal holiday following a series of racial inequality rallies across the nation in response to the murder of George Floyd.

June 19th commemorates the day Union soldiers brought the news of freedom to 250,000 African Americans who were still enslaved in Galveston, Texas, at the end of the Civil War. This historic day came two years after President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation.

Following Candace’s mocking of the recently celebrated holdish social media users quickly chimed in.

“Reminder that Juneteenth is the holiday commemorating the emancipation of African-American slaves. Candace Owens will mock today because she’s paid by billionaires to spread propaganda to validate racist white people who would rather we go back to the Jim Crow era,” reads a tweet.

“Why does this Black woman, Candace Owens, feel the urge to rebuke anything to do with Black people? Is she just self-loathing or she’s on a brilliant strategy to make money off the racist and extreme right-wing folks?” reads a tweet.

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