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Dwayne Wade Doubles Down Gabrielle Union’s Previous 50/50 Statement!

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Cousins! Dwayne Wade is addressing previous statements made by his wife Gabrielle Union about the 50/50 dynamics within their marriage!

The retired NBA all-star appeared on the Shannon Sharper podcast ‘Club Shay Shay Podcast’ where he explained in detail how he and Gabrielle split their finances down the middle. “I haven’t given no color to this, but it’s think pieces going around about me as a man.”

Dwyane expressed “Let’s talk about it. So, the whole 50/50 concept, so I understand what 50/50 means. [It] means that everything in life, you got your half and I got my half. We’ll put this s**t together and try to make 100. That is not how our relationship works, all right? Everybody think 50/50, they think ‘Hey, if he gettin’ a sandwich, you gotta put 50% on that!’

He continued in saying, “50/50 in our household is- first of all, let’s say that I have 20 to 50 responsibilities.

“My wife has 20 to 50 responsibilities. When I say that, that means she has a mother, she has her sisters, she has her dad, she has a lot of things that she’s responsible for. You know what she does? She pays one hundred percent of that. You know what I do? I pay one hundred percent of my life.”

The 41-year-old made it clear that he is very proud of his wife’s confidence and independence as she is comfortable in making sure their marriage is equally yoked.

“My wife is a working actress, spends time away from the family, we decided together. I think one time, we was in Miami, I said something about it being my house that I pay for. She said, ‘You will never say something like that to me again when it’s something that we share.’ So my wife was like ‘When we move to L.A., I got half on it.’”

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