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Jack Harlow Accused Of Culture Appropriation After Wearing A Bonnet!

Cousins! Jack Harlow is being called out on social media after being spotted out in public rocking a bonnet!

The Kentucky native rapper went viral as he flicked it up with fans at the Louisville City FC soccer match over the weekend. As images from the event spread throughout social media folks began to discuss the obvious contradictions .

It’s no secret that Black women are often labeled ‘ghetto’ when seen in public wearing a bonnet. As opposed to how Jack is being considered a fashion bae online for rocking the same exact item. Fans have even chimed in defending him by saying, “ his hair is curly…bonnets are not exclusively made for Black people…”

Though some people deemed Jack as showing appreciation of Black culture a large majority consider him using his white privilege to take from the culture especially with him being a White rapper.

“Jack Harlow wearing a bonnet meanwhile yall take photos of strangers in Walmart and CVS and call them bad moms, ghetto, etc etc miss me with all that and for someone who “loves black women” he should know better ?????,” says a social media user.

“Jack Harlow dating a black woman cause when have we EVER seen this man out with a bonnet it on?,” asked asked social media user.

“We do not OWN bonnets its not that serious yall be so worried about everyone else but yourself and idc about Jack Harlow the bonnet thing is just mad annoying its not that deep,” reads a tweet.

Cousins, what are your thoughts on this? let us know below and check out what social media users had to say also 👇🏿

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