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Angela Yee Calls Out B.Simone For Using Close Friend Subscriptions To Showcase Mourning Process; “Incredibly Poor Taste”

Cousins! Angela Yee has made it clear that she like many others wasn’t too fond of B.Simone using her ‘Close Friends’ subscriptions as a beneficial factor to showcase her grieving process following the passing of her friend Jacky Oh!

According to TMZ, Angela took to her radio show ‘Way Up With Yee’ alongside her co-host The Jasmine Brand where they discussed the controversial issue as B.Simone has been trending throughout Twitter all week.
Angela says that B.Simone’s close friends promotion was done in poor taste and very insensitive.

Social media users have been accusing the influencer of encouraging her followers to pay to get a close-up look at her grieving from behind the scenes.

“B Simone is asking for ppl to pay for access to her close friends as she “grieves her friend” Jacky Oh. How you could ever bring yourself to use your friends passing as a means to get ppl to pay for your close friends is insanity. This is beyond low & disgusting,” reads a tweet.

“I saw people’s justifications for why B. Simone is using Jacky’s death to promote her CF, and I think a major point is being missed: CHARGING PEOPLE TO WATCH YOU GRIEVE ONLINE WHEN YOU SHOULD BE GRIEVING OFFLINE IS WEIRD AND MAKES YOUR GRIEF LOOK PERFORMATIVE,” reads another tweet.

“ All of Jacky Oh’s other friends are promoting her beauty line telling people to support and buy a lipgloss then you have B Simone smfh …” wrote another social media user.

This comes days after B.Simone penned a lengthy note on behalf of Jackie’s untimely passing. Along with a series of photos, the 33-year-old declared how much she’ll miss her friend and how much of a light she was to others.

Cousins, what are your thoughts on this?

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