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Mother Shot In Her Chest After Confronting Neighbor About Playing Loud Music!

( 📸: SBG San Antonio police department )

Cousins! A Texas mother of three has been shot after confronting her neighbor about playing loud music above her apartment!

According to KENS5 news, the incident took place early Wednesday morning on June 7th within the 4600 block of E Loop 1604 N in Converse. Locals officials were contacted around 2 am of a shooting in progress.

Officers arrived on the scene where they discovered a 30-year-old woman with a single bullet wound to her chest inside her apartment. They confirm that the victim had gone to the apartment above hers to complain about loud music being played.

It has been stated that the woman’s complaint escalated to an argument and that both parties ultimately made their way down to the parking lot area of their complex. That is where the ordeal turned for the worst as the woman who had issued complaints was shot in her chest.

The suspected shooter is said to have driven off as the other woman traveled back upstairs to her apartment where one of her sons called the police.

The victim was then taken to BAMC where she was originally listed as being in critical condition. Thankfully her condition improved and she has been listed as stable after undergoing surgery later in the day.

It has been indicated that the victim’s three children were inside her apartment at the time of the shooting. Her children range from as young as three years old to the oldest being eight.

Officials state that the children were temporarily placed with a relative.

Reports read that local officials were able to get a warrant to search the apartment where the loud music has came from. Though they were unable to locate a gun they did gather further evidence.

Another neighbor from nearby explained in Spanish, “The reality, living next to them both, concerns me – and I have kids, imagine if this happened in the afternoon while kids are outside playing,”

Police are still looking for the shooter at this time.

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