Chicago Councilman Proposes New Law That Will Fine Parents Of “Out Of Control Children” Up To $5,000!

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( 📸: Fox 5 News)

Cousins! A Chicago lawmaker has proposed a new legal gesture aimed at parents of “out of control” children in response to a recent chaotic street takeover!

Within a previously held city council meeting, government official Raymond Lopez issued a proposal to have parents alongside their teenage children attend licensed family counseling meetings.

According to the Chicago-Sun Times a part of Councilman Lopez’s proposal, he advises that paintball guns be placed amongst the list of firearms that should be prohibited from minors. He also states that teens should be prohibited from using social media platforms as a tool to encourage or engage in illegal activity.

“We have children who are out of control, causing 90% of the problems, particularly as it relates to street takeovers, drag racing, and all of the other illegal activities.”

Councilman Lopez says that his main initiative isn’t to unfairly fine parents but to assist them in raising their children. “It’s to change behavior and to help parents so they raise better children.”

His proposal indicates that any parent or legal guardian who is aware of their child engaging or taking the lead in an illegal offense that endangers the quality of life for Chicago residents, to receive a fine ranging from $1,000 to $5,000.

The considered offenses are listed as panhandling, underage and public drinking, cannabis use, violating curfew, climbing on cars, and drag racing.

Councilman Lopez declares that any guardian with children identified as engaging in the list of prohibited activities, “shall be held as responsible and accountable for the activity of said minor as if they committed the acts themselves.”

Councilman Lopez’s proposal was issued in response to a now-viral street takeover that occurred in Chicago earlier this month. Cellphone video on social media shows hundreds of masked teenagers climbing on a Tesla punching out the windows and bouncing on the hood.

The gathered teens also continued chasing other vehicles within the area. Five people were arrested for mob activity and three cars were impounded on the night in question.

“Hundreds of kids took over an intersection and began jumping on passersby trying to escape the madness,” Councilman Lopez said.

“These teens have jumped on buses. They’ve jumped on cars — not just downtown but in neighborhoods,” he added. “And we have no real recourse.”

Cousins, what are your thoughts on this? Do you think subjecting parents to a fine will help change their teenagers behavior?

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