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Bambi Speaks Out Amidst Upcoming Season Of Love & Hip Hop; “I Survived All Of This…Getting Cheated On, Filing For Divorce, Listening To People”

Cousins! Following the release of the official trailer for Love And Hip Hop‘s upcoming season Bambi has taken to social media to reflect on life, marriage, motherhood, and her career in the last year! “

“I survived all of this … getting cheated on, filing for divorce, listening to people lie on me and taunt me because I chose myself and my kids… all while comforting my babies, getting them adjusted to our new life, and not being allowed to say a word … and we definitely ain’t missed a beat, life is still lifin’.
My babies are better than ever,” wrote Bambi.

“Side note: I have never in my life imagined people (especially women) could be so ridiculous and hateful when literally all I’ve been doing is working and taking care of my babies.”

Bambi added, “Anyway … I didn’t think I would make it BUT GOD 🥳 Thank you to my support system. Everyone else can continue to ride that hate train … God gon keep doing what he do. 🙏🏽🙌🏽”

As we previously reported Lil Scrappy and Bambi wed in 2019, together they share three small children. Throughout the last couple of months, the couple has undergone a series of disputes that have unraveled on social media.

According to the mother of three the estranged couple are currently undergoing a divorce.

Cousins, be sure to tune into season eleven of ‘Love and Hip Hop’ on their new home network of MTV, June 13th at 8PM EST.

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