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Chloe Bailey Pens Message To Fans Following Release Of Her Debut Album, “In Pieces Was About Letting Go And Trusting Myself”

( 📸: The Today Show)

Chloe Bailey is sending lots of love to her fans for supporting her debut album In Pieces !

As she kicks off the official ‘In Pieces’ tour the Atlanta native says she has enjoyed every moment thus far and can’t wait to perform.

“ in pieces was about letting go & trusting myself. i’ve enjoyed every moment of it and i love everyone who listened to it. tour starts tomorrow in chicago and im so ready to perform these songs for yall ❤️‍🔥”

Ahead of opening night of Chloe’s solo tour rumors had began circulating throughout social media criticizing her album sales indicating that she had only sold ten thousand records in its first week.

Chloe clapped back at the negative comments thrown her way as she concluded her Chicago tour stop in saying; “Make sure y’all are supporting the muthaf**kin album,” she said within the sold out venue . “F**k what the f**k everybody got to f**king say. They can kiss my Black ass!”

Chloe went on to say, “Because I know you guys love me and this is all I need. Thank you for loving me. Y’all don’t know how much you mean to me.”

In pieces includes 14-tracks with collaborations from Chris Brown, Future, and Missy Elliott. Songs such as ‘CheatBack” , “Body Do” and “How does it feel” have already been declared fan favorites

Social media users feel that “In Pieces” could’ve performed better if she received more musical support and promotion from her mentor Beyoncé. Others argue that Chloe simply hasn’t discovered her sound or target audience.

“‘Beyoncé nasty for not promoting Chloe’s album 😭 a simple IG repost would’ve probably gave Chloe a top 50 debut,” reads one tweet.

“Idk it seems like to me Chloe’s attachment to Beyonce is one of the biggest things holding her back marketing wise. Everyone wants her to be the next Beyonce and won’t see her as her own person. So maybe she didn’t even want Beyoncé to post 🤷🏽‍♂️,” reads another tweet.

“not to be funny, but I really wanna know what was the point of Beyoncé signing chloe? like was it for a look? so that someone can be under her? I don’t get it, cause how do you let your artist drop an album & you don’t support it not once & now she sold 10k 😭,” reads a tweet.

“& I know these new artists have to build their own buzz, name & shouldn’t expect ppl to carry them. but I thought she was already doing that, hence why she got Beyoncé’s attention & got signed in the first place. I’m sorry, she might as well stayed independent lol.”

As opinions continued to pour in fellow songstress Halle Bailey chimed in letting folks know to keep it cute when it comes down to her sister.

“ hey y’all 💕i’m gonna say this once. i don’t stand for bullying of any kind on this app of anyone..those who i don’t know, and especially of those who i love with my whole heart. i think sometimes people forget that even though we live public lives, we are human, and have souls..”

She continued, everyone who knows me knows i go to war for the ones i love and i’ve kept it real cute on this app for a while now.. so just reminding y’all to please keep it cute too 🥰❣️💕xoxo”

Cousins! What are your thoughts on Chloe’s debut project?

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