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NYC Airports Officially Ban Overpriced Food And Beverages!



It’s been a VERY long time coming but NYC airlines are apparently taking it easy on folks pockets and officially banning overpriced food and beverages!

According to a recent statement forwarded from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, restaurants and bars at New York airports are no longer allowed to sell overpriced beverages and food.

They continue in saying that their decision derives from a recent discovery that 25 people were overcharged for a single beer, in between the price range of $23 to $27 in Terminal C.

Since the discovery it has been stated that the overcharge was due to an added surcharge on top of what the port authority states was, “an inflated beer price.”

However the unidentified business states that the overcharge was due to a typographical error.

“As soon as this information was presented to us, we immediately contacted each customer and refunded the entire check of their order in addition to fixing the error. The seasonal beer ran through the summer in over 130 restaurants and bars that we operate across the country and this one location is the only place it was keyed in error.”

It has now been stated that prices at concessions will now be actively monitored in efforts of aligning with the regional marketplace. “And all airport customers and concessionaires should expect tough pro-active enforcement going forward now that these revised standards are in place,” said Kevin O’Toole.

According to Travel+Noire anyone who witnesses overpriced food, beverages and other products sold at any New York airports has been advised to report them on social media and tag the airport.

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