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Couples On Tik Tok Share Tips On Elements To Normalize In A Relationship!

( 📸: BlackMilkWomen)

Cousins! Our family over on TikTok are opening up about effective and healthy elements that they practice within their relationships and marriage!

From communication, vulnerability, healing, transparency, quality time and much more. These couple are laying out detailed and conscious worthy tips in proving that there isn’t a time frame you can stamp on a relationship as to when you should stop learning and growing alongside your partner.

“Questions to ask” – via Kyliah Washington

  1. Is there anything you think we should
    work on improving in your relationship?
  2. When do you feel most loved by me?
  3. What do you think is our greatest
    strength as partners ?
  4. What are one of the best things I’ve
    ever said or done for vou?
  5. What is one difference between us that
    you love?
  6. What was a small moment that was
    actually a major turnaround for us that
    know about?
  7. Is there anything that you want me to
    be more sensitive about?
  8. Is there anything I do that makes you
    feel disrespected?
  9. What is one thing in life that you want
    our kids to know?
  10. What’s your favorite thing about me?

Cousins, be sure to share some elements you practice within your relationship or marriage that you believe could possibly help others.

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