Draymond Green Questions When Will Society Get Rid Of Black History Month, “Why Do We Have To Keep Getting The Shortest Month Of The Year? “

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Cousins! NBA all star Draymond Green has launched an in-depth conversation surrounding the celebration of Black history month verses the education and continued teachings of Black history!

During a recent press conference on February 28th marked as the last day of BHM Draymond stated he’d like to see Black History Month officially come to an end. He continued in asking why do Black people receive the shortest month of the year to celebrate such an extensive history.

“At some point, can we get rid of Black History Month? Why do we get the shortest month to celebrate our history?”

According to Yahoo News, Draymond’s statement was in response to a question asked about Afro-Funk musician George Clinton and a photo they took prior to Tuesday’s Portland Trailblazers verses Golden State Warriors game at the San Francisco Chase arena. “I don’t listen to George Clinton every day, but what I do want to go back to is Black History Month,” he said.

George’s music is described as an artistic approach in delivering stories that explore the multi-dimensions of Black history.

Draymond opened up in saying that he only wore the NBA’s celebration-themed shirts simply because he couldn’t find anything else to wear.

The Golden State warrior player explained that he’d like to see the history of Black people taught every month of the year in schools not just one. Draymond also expressed how important it is for the teachings to continue as lawmakers across the Country are slowly inching towards the removal of certain courses from school’s curriculum.

This is in response to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, recent block of a newly proposed national high school advanced placement course on Black history from back in January, As he accused the class pushed a possible political agenda.

“We’ve got governors who want to take our history out of schools, and I’m not going to be the fool to say, ‘Yeah, we can celebrate it for 28 days,’” Green added. “So at some point, I’d like to get rid of it. We’re making all these changes in the world — can’t talk about these people, can’t say this, can’t say that.”

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