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9 Year Old Boy Makes History As One Of The Youngest High-School Graduates Ever!

Cousins! A young boy from Pennsylvania is rightfully being recognized for his historic academic achievements as he’s recently graduated from high school at only 9 years old!

According to ABC 27, after successfully maintaining outstanding grades at Reach Cyber Charter School and testing out of both elementary and Junior high school, David Balogun began completing high school curriculum.

“ I finished eighth grade in two and a half months and then I started high school,” said David.

David explains that the ability to attend school remotely changed things for him as he was able to learn at a faster pace. His mom Ronya Balogun says that his advancement was made possible through the support he received from Reach Charter school.

“When he heard the word ‘S.T.E.M’ program, at seven years old, he was jumping up and down. I said ‘Okay, this is where we’re going, this is what we’re doing.’ He loved it from the first moment. It’s been an amazing journey,” she said.

David has successfully graduated from high school and is currently taking up courses at Buck County Community College. His family is said to be looking into what are the next steps for him. Though talks of David attending an ivy league university are on the table, they’ve made it clear that young David will not be living on campus.

“It’s something we really have to think about really seriously,” Dr. Henry Balogun, David’s father, said.

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