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Cut The Check: City Council Of Minneapolis Approves $27 Million Settlement To George Floyd’s Family!


Breaking news reports that Minneapolis City Council has officially voted to approve police brutality victim George Floyd’s estate for $27 million dollars!

“George Floyd’s horrific death, witnessed by millions of people around the world, unleashed a deep longing and undeniable demand for justice and change,” reads a statement from the Floyd family’s attorney Ben Crump.

“That the largest pre-trial settlement in a wrongful death case ever would be for the life of a Black man sends a powerful message that Black lives do matter and police brutality against people of color must end.”

The inhumane and unethical 2020 murder of George, stopped the world in its tracks as we all watched in disgust of former officer Derek Chauvin dig his knee into his neck for over eight minutes as he uttered, “ I can’t breathe!”


According to CNN George’s sister Bridget Floyd came forward on Friday following the news to state on behalf of her family that they are, “pleased that this part of our tragic journey to justice for my brother George is resolved.”

Reports read that George’s family forwarded an official federal civil rights lawsuit in July against the city of Minneapolis and the four officers involved in his murder. The suit calls out the city for failing to terminate dangerous officers and allowing excessive force to be permitted.

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