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Yara Shahidi Reveals That She Is Single After Recent End To A Three Year Relationship, “My Friends And I Are Calling It ‘Selfish Season’ “

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Cousins! Yara Shahidi recently let the world in on a little secret that she was able to successfully keep out the eye of the public for last couple of years all the while fully succeeding in her career!

While appearing on the ‘The Drew Barry’ show the 22 year old recent Harvard graduate was asked where her interests our currently when it comes down to dating and if she was interested in anyone. “See, I don’t know,” Yara responded. “I like meeting people. And then the other thing is I just got out of a relationship.”

Yara has spent a large majority of her life in the spotlight whether it’s turning heads on a red carpet with her latest fashion statement or having fans on an intense but hilarious roller coaster of emotions each week with the portrayal of her beloved character Zoey Johnson. So it’s safe to say sis knows how to move in the industry.

“I’m a big commitment person. It was three years. So, I don’t even know what to do with myself. I’m just taking some me time. My friends and I are calling it ‘selfish season.’”

According to Essence magazine, Yara kept details surrounding her former romantic relationship fairly minimal and never disclosed any details but her ex partner.

Within the interview Yara was also asked if she believes in two people falling in love at first sight after she told the love story of how her parents initially met.

“I mean, I hope it’s true. I’m in my mid-twenties. I’m hoping that that’s how it works.”

Cousins, you can check out Yara as she continues to portray her fan favorite role of Zoey on Grown-ish. New episodes available every Wednesday at 1030 est on Freeform and next day on Hulu.

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