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Walmart Shooting Claims The Lives Of Multiple People; Employee Claims That The Gunman Was A Manager That Entered The Break Room And Immediately Opened Fire!

Cousins! A shooting at a local Walmart located in Virginia took place Tuesday night within Chesapeake that is said to have claimed the lives of 6 employees, including the shooter!

According to reports from CNN, a timeline has been provided by Chesapeake Police Chief Mark Solesky this morning. The tragic incident unfolded around 10PM, just one hour before the store’s closing time. Officials were contacted through dispatch at 10:12PM of the shooting. Police entered the store at 10:16PM, it has been stated that the gunman was already dead prior to their arrival.

Investigators have stated that the gunman was an employee of the Walmart and had entered the break room to open fire on other employees. “The suspect is dead from what we believe was a self-inflicted gunshot wound,” says Chesapeake Police Chief Mark Solesky.

A male employee appeared in a shared video on Twitter where he alleges that the gunman was actually a manager that gunned down multiple employees.

Following the incident officials combed through the building to search for victims or any people who may have been hiding for shelter from the gunman says police spokesperson Leo Kosinski.

Reports read that 5 patients were treated at Sentara General Hospital within Norfolk. An update of their conditions have not been made available at this time.

“The investigation is still ongoing. We’ll be processing that scene for days so we’re really not sure and I’d hate to put out misinformation,” said Mark Solesky.

Please stick with us for further details, as this story is still developing.

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