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Kobe Bryant’s Eldest Daughter Natalia Bryant Files Official Court Order Against Stalker With Criminal History Of Gun Violence!

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Cousins! This is indeed a spooky one! The eldest daughter of NBA legend Kobe Bryant Natalia Bryant has recently taken legal action seeking protection, following reports of a 32 year old male stalking her!

According to TMZ, Natalia went to a Los Angeles court on Monday to obtain a restraining order against a male identified as Dwyane Kemp. Within obtained documents by the outlet, Natalia details that he has been stalking her for quite sometime.

Natalia says that Dwyane has been attempting to contact her for the last 2 years while he was 30 and she was only 17 years of age. She explains that she does not know him and that he oddly believes that they have a romantic relationship of some sort. Natalia says she has never met him and has never contacted him.

Natalia says that he has done everything he can to get close to her including showing up to her sorority house recently. TMZ, says that a source close to Natalia confirms that Dwayne has showed up to one of her classes and even roamed throughout the campus.

Court documents show that Dwayne has a history of purchasing guns and has threatened to buy an AK 47 as well as a fully automatic Glock. He is described as a gun enthusiast who has been convicted multiple times for different crimes that include the use of a fire arm.

Natalia says within a statement that Dwayne DM’d her on social media a photo of her late father Kobe with a message that read, “Thankful For Him Birthing You, Hopefully We Can Birth Him… ‘Kobe.” She says that he has expressed hopes of them birthing a ‘Kobe like child together”

She is currently asking the courts to approve a protective order that will demand Dwayne to stay at least 200 yards away from her including her hime, job, school, sorority house and car.

There has been no official ruling as of yet. Cousins, let’s please keep Natalia and the Bryant family as always in our prayers.

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[…] As we previously reported Natalia confirms that she does not know Dwayne and that he believes that they are in some sort of romantic relationship. She says that he has showed up to her school, roaming the campus looking for her and even appeared at one of her classes. Natalia says Dwayne has previously expressed his hope of them birthing a Kobe like child together. […]

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