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Update: Los Angeles Judge Grants Natalia Bryant 3 Year Restraining Order From Stalker!

Cousins! Kobe and Vanessa Bryant’s eldest daughter Natalia has officially been granted a three year restraining order against a man she says has been stalking her for the last two years of her life!

In a Wednesday scheduled court appearance, Natalia dialed in to testify about the identified 32 year old male Dwayne Kemp and how he has been invading various areas of her personal life. While providing details surrounding the series of alarming instances, Natalia describes his behavior as unsettling, reports TMZ.

As we previously reported Natalia confirms that she does not know Dwayne and that he believes that they are in some sort of romantic relationship. She says that he has showed up to her school, roaming the campus looking for her and even appeared at one of her classes. Natalia says Dwayne has previously expressed his hope of them birthing a Kobe like child together.

Most recently the 19 year old says that Dwayne contacted her eyebrow beautician offering to pay for her services.

Natalia’s attorney Nick Sanchez tells the outlet that the overseeing judge approved the restraining order request on belief that Dwayne is dangerous.

Dwayne is now ordered to stay at least 200 yards away from Natalia. Which also includes staying away from her home, job, car, school and sorority house at USC. The 3 year order also declares that he cannot possess or purchase any firearms, and he has a 24 hour window to surrender any weapons he owns.

Court documents show that Natalia explained that Dwayne is a gun enthusiast who utilizes his social media to display firearms. He’s also been arrested and convicted multiple times

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