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UVA Shooting Witness Reveals Last Words Gunman Stated Before Opening Fire Towards Victims!

Cousins! A witness has come forward with alarming details following the absolute tragic shooting incident at the University of Virginia that resulted in the death of three college football players!

According to Fox News, 19 year old pre-med student Ryan Lynch recalled the night in question as a bonding experience as they returned from a field trip to Washington D.C to see a play. She says that the trip was to celebrate the semester coming to an end amongst a group of students who were deeply connected.

Ryan says as the bus rolled in back to confirmed gunman Christopher Darnell Jones pulled out a firearm. “Chris got up and pushed Lavel Davis. And then after he pushed him, he was like, ‘You guys are always messing with me.’

“He said something weird like that. But it was very bizarre because they didn’t talk to him the whole trip,” Ryan recalled. “We thought he was going to shoot everyone on the bus at that point.”

Ryan tells Philadelphia KYW-TV in a video interview, “There just kept coming more and more gunshots. The shooter then sort of, just walked or skipped off the bus when I saw him pass.”

She issued details of the gut wrenching scene in seeing her classmates final moments. “He just had so many gunshots in him,” Ryan said “All of the men had such a beautiful spirit to them. They always had a smile on their face. They never showed any level of exhaustion. So personable and kind.”

Another witness recalls Christopher directly aiming at Devin Chandler as he was sleep on the bus. It has been stated that his body ultimately slid to the floor of the bus.

As we previously reported, Christopher shot and killed D’Sean Perry, Devin Chandler and Lavel Davis Jr. while injuring two additional students UVA football player Michael Hollins Jr and sophomore Marlee Morgan.

The gunman’s father, Christopher Darnell Jones Sr., said he had last spoken to his son a month ago , read reports from Fox News . “He had some problems. Last time I spoke to him, he said some people was picking on him or whatever,” Jones Sr. stated. “He didn’t know how to handle it. I just told him, ‘Go to school. Don’t pay ‘em no mind. Do what you gotta do.’ He was real paranoid when I talked to him. About something. He wouldn’t tell me everything.”

Sources confirm that UVA resumed normal class schedules on Wednesday for the first time since conducting a manhunt in search of Christopher after he fled the scene. He was arrested Monday afternoon just before 11am on, approximately 75 miles away from UVA campus.

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