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Kicking It One On One With Novi Brown Of Tyler Perry’s Hit Original Series “Sistas”



We are officially one episode away from the mid season finale of Tyler Perry’s hit original series Sistas!

The series third has successfully taken the show’s main characters as well as fans on a full ride of drama, drama and more drama all while perfectly portraying the lives of modern day Black woman juggling careers, friendships, relationships and overall individuality.

We were recently granted the opportunity to speak with one of the show’s leading ladies, actress Novi Brown that plays the role of Sabrina Hollins.

For the last three seasons Sabrina has had her fair share of trials and tribulations within dating and exploring new and eventful ways of thinking. Though at times fans can become flustered with her character’s handling of certain situations Novi assures viewers that Sabrina is similar many everyday women.

While breaking down Sabrina’s character development we asked if Novi personally feels as if Sabrina’s new interactions with men are a form of karma for how she treated her original love interest Calvin.

” Listen, sometimes you get yourself in some situations that be crazy as hell and you just be looking back like why did I do that.”

Sistas has successfully held down the title of being the number one series on cable television for the last three years while effortlessly showcasing modern day Black women in their natural element of success and being their authentic selves.

Novi notes how important and impactful it is to have a show like this within today’s era while acknowledging prior series that paved the way.

” I love shows like living single and girlfriends. Living Single was from a fresh and young prospective it was about togetherness and showed women from all walks of life and Girlfriends was more sophisticated about the professional life amongst professional woman and an older crowd.”

Novi personally describes herself across multiple platforms as a triple threat an actress, artist and astrologer. With a strong platform of devoted fans her spiritual readings and words of positivity are often helpful to those in need of a mental and emotional healing that she gracefully provides with her relatable choice of words.

With over 10 plus years in the business she encourages fans and inspiring actors and artists to never give up on their dreams and to withstand any storm that comes their way. “What people don’t know is that amongst the opportunities and ‘yes’ I’ve received I’ve also dealt with 10,000 ‘no’s’ but I didn’t give up’ she said within a previous live on Instagram amongst fans.”

”I have been forwarded opportunities to act alongside some of the biggest names in the business who are also my personal favorites, but the project didn’t align with my purposes so I respectfully declined.” Novi spoke on wanting to remain true to herself within her craft always because that’s important. She says character is everything.

”I know that God will continue to provide opportunities and within the right situation I will be able to work with those same people.”

Be sure to follow and support Novi across all social media platforms under the name of @IamNoviBrown and tune into Tyler Perry’s Sistas every Wednesday at 9PM EST only on BET!

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