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D.L Hughley Addresses Black Twitter’s Reaction To The Passing Of Queen Elizabeth, “Lacks A Level Of Humanity, It’s Ridiculous”



Following the passing of Queen Elizabeth , the folks of Black Twitter have been cutting up with the jokes and letting everyone know that anyone can get it! 😩

Whelp it appears that comedian D.L Hughley found the countless posts to be anything BUT funny. He says anymore kicking laughs off the Queen’s passing lacks humanity.

Despite the mountains jokes on social media folks were extremely descriptive on why exactly they were not fans of Queen Elizabeth. The legacy of British imperialism that brutally affected nations consisting of majority of Black and Brown people Queen Elizabeth has been deemed the sole pretor of keeping the racist and prejudice institution ongoing.

However, D.L feels that Queen Elizabeth should be respected as any other human that has passed on.

He explained to TMZ that he believes whatever she has done with her life that has negatively affected anyone she will answer in the after life so the jokes are unnecessary.

Cousins, what y’all think?

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