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Houston, Texas Woman Rushed To The Hospital On Her Birthday After Touching A Napkin Left On Her Car!



We don’t know if it’s just us but the world is most definitely getting spookier by the minute Chile. A Houston, Texas woman endured some sincerely unexpected birthday trauma recently after a napkin left on her car turned her entire world upside down!

Erin Mims was rushed to the hospital earlier this month after celebrating her birthday at a local restaurant with her husband.

According to Fox 26 News, as the couple made their way to their car after finishing their meal there was a napkin left on their car. Erin says she naturally didn’t think much of it and used her two fingers to throw the napkin away.

“I just threw it out,” said Erin. “I opened the door with the tips of my fingers. I asked my husband, did you put a napkin in the door? And he said no.”

Erin says that she went back in the restaurant and washed her hands immediately prior to getting in the car. She says in less than 5 minutes her same finger tips began to tingle, ultimately with a series of symptoms beginning to worsen.

“Maybe five minutes, my whole arm started tingling and feeling numb. I couldn’t breathe,” said Erin. “I started getting hot flashes, my chest was hurting, my heart was beating really fast.”

Upon Erin’s arrival to the hospital, doctors ran multiple urine samples, blood tests, including a CAT scan. It was said that her vitals were all over the place.

“The doctor came in, and told me it wasn’t enough in my system to determine what it was, but said it was acute poisoning from an unknown substance,” said Erin

Erin revealed that a doctor told officials that the incident sounded like a failed kidnapping attempt.

 Houston Police Department officials have stated that this instance has been classified as the first case of its kind that they’ve ever investigated.

Managing director of the Southeast Houston Poison Center, Mark Winter, described Erin’s symptoms as being matched with hundreds of poisons.

“The probability is that you would have to have a lot more than just a casual exposure,” Mark said. “In her video, her symptoms match hundreds of different poisons. It is possible. I’ve learned over my 40 years, that anything is possible when it comes to the human body.”

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