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Trey Songz Sexual Assault Suit Takes Turn As Woman Comes Forward In Saying She Was Bribed By An Attorney To Make Him Look Like “The Next R.Kelly”



Trey Songz pending sexual assault case is currently erupting with new details that could possibly change the direction of things altogether!

According to an exclusive report from TMZ, a woman has recently testified that an attorney for Songz’s alleged victim offered her up to $200,000 to change her story forwarding claims to paint him out as being the ultimate bad guy.

Despite the attorney denying these claims, the woman now identified as Mariah Thielen says she met with sexual assault alleged victim Jauhara Jeffries attorney by the name of Ariel Mitchell. Court documents from Mariah’s testimony indicates that she met with Ariel back in 2021 at a bar in Miami, Florida.

Mariah noted that the attorney allegedly smelt like marijuana and was carrying a gun. She declares that Ariel offered to pay her between $100k-$200k if she’d lie in court and say she witnessed Trey sexually assault her client. She also states that Ariel wanted her to say Trey assaulted her too. Mariah says that Ariel allegedly revealed she was trying to paint Trey as “the next R. Kelly.” The woman says that Ariel was scheming for some sort of major payout in the form of a settlement.

It appears that those plans were short lived as Mariah turned down the bribe in saying she wouldn’t have done it even if the payout was for $10 million dollars and that she reportedly made Trey’s legal team aware of the scam.

Since news of the alleged bribery has gone underway Ariel has denied all claims. “We’re highly confident and certain the court will find the witness committed perjury. Parties are still awaiting the judges’ further instructions on how to proceed given the witness’s inconsistent testimony during the hearing.”

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