Ne-Yo Withdraws Divorce Papers Recently Filed Against Wife Crystal Renay!


It appears that beloved song writer #NeYo is currently singing a different tune after he reportedly withdrew official divorce documents against his wife #CrystalRenay !

As we previously reported Ne-Yo had forward motion within the month of March indicating that his marriage was over and that though he has much respect for Crystal upon her being the mother of his children; their union as husband and wife was completely over.

According to Bossip, Ne-Yo requested joint legal custody of their children, also petitioning for the judge to directly enforce their prenuptial agreement to be effective within the breakup.

Reports read that Ne-Yo had also requested for the couple’s martial assets and debt to be split according their original agreement as highlighted within their prenup . It has been indicated that a restraining order was granted between the two with strict guidelines stating that neither parent would be able to leave the state with their children, give away property, cancel auto, health or life insurance. Both parents had been ordered to reframe from dragging one another’s name through the mud in front of their kids. Both Ne-Yo and Crystal were ordered to take a parenting class on the basis of how to navigate as a divorced family as well.

It has been implemented that the singer recently requested for the case to be thrown out, with no prejudice; which ultimately allows him the potential of filing again.

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