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Houston Police Officials Searching For Male That Tossed Dumbbell Into A Woman’s Car Window During A Road Rage Incident!



We can not stress to you all enough the importance of staying alert and cautious while you’re out cruising the streets because not only is getting dangerous out here but extremely spooky!

According to KHOU Houston, Texas officers are currently searching for a male captured on cellphone footage smashing a dumbbell into a woman’s front car window.

The incident took place within the intersection of Irvington near Tidwell and Hardy Toll Road last week on Sunday.

The woman who says she would rather keep her name and face unidentified to the public, says she had been rear-ended and that the driver that hit her motioned for her, to what she thought meant to pull over.

However when he she did he drove in the opposite direction. It didn’t end there as she followed the driver to obtain his license plate as he eventually pulled over near the Veteran’s Memorial Park area when he noticed her recording from her phone.

She goes on to share that no words were exchanged between them as he got out of the SUV. The woman says that she thought the driver was pulling over to exchange insurance information. But it appears that was last thing on his mind as he did the unthinkable and drove away.

The woman has expressed that she is afraid because it’s been almost a week and though his face and license plate have been shared publicly he still hasn’t been arrested. She says that she is traumatized, in pain and that her car is worth more than $3,000 in damage.

Unfortunately the unidentified male is still at large as officials have made no arrests as of yet.

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