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Kevin Hunter claims Charlamagne Tha God broke the “Guy Code” by telling estranged wife Wendy Williams he was cheating!

-Jasmine Dyer-


Kevin Hunter says he resents Charlamagn Tha God for telling his ex-wife Wendy Williams about the affair with his then-mistress-now-fiance Sharina Hudson!

In a recent interview with Choke No Joke, Kevin stated that Charlamagne introduced him to Sharina while the Breakfast Club host interned for Wendy. Apparently, Hudson is from the same South Carolina town as Charlamagne.

“He introduced me to her,” he said and then vented his frustration on Charlemagne’s coverage of his divorce from Wendy. “Was it cool that you got on the air and made a mockery of the whole thing, when you was part of it and you knew the family structure that was being instituted? And you know what, regardless of my own actions, there’s a certain code amongst men.”

When Kevin was asked about the infidelity in his previous marriage or whether Wendy ever cheated in their relationship, he replied, “No

comment.” According to Wendy, the affair between Hunter and Hudson lasted over a decade, and she knew about it the entire time

After a 21-year-marriage, the pair filed for divorce shortly after hearing Kevin’s mistress was carrying his child. Kevin and Wendy’s divorce was officially finalized in January 2020. Kevin and Sharina reportedly got engaged in October that next year.

In the interview, Hunter was also asked about the status of his relationship with Charlamagne.

“I stand on this: Taking nothing away from his talent, which he clearly has, but he would have never been able to see the light of day in the No. 1 market with the way that these vultures are, if you know what I’m talking about,” he explained. “There’s no room.”

In part three of the interview, Hunter shared that he and Charlamagne looked out for each other. According to Hunter, he brought Charlamagne from Columbia, SC, to New York City to be Wendy’s co-host in 2006. There was even a point when Charlamagne lived in his New Jersey condo for five years and saw the radio personality as a “little brother.”

According to Black Enterprise, despite the managerial dispute that caused the former friends to go their separate ways, Hunter still applauds Charlamagne’s talent as a radio and TV host. Hunter is still upset that Charlamagne labeled him Donkey of the Day on his radio show after word got out about the love child he shared with Sharina in 2019.

“In one aspect, I applaud the efforts of, but I’m not like on some G s–t, in how you went out on me because of…how you went out on me because of a girl, over a girl,” he said. “That happens to be my baby mama. Let me say the mother of my child.”

Cousins, what are your thoughts about Kevin’s remarks on Charlamagne?

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