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New Grant For SNAP Benefits to Expand In Helping with Online Shopping!

-Eldica Stuart-


We have some great news, the SNAP program will be expanded!

For those who receive food and nutrition assistance, grants and partnerships have been established so that there will be an easier way for shoppers to gain access to more food places.

Online shopping is convenient, and it benefits others to provide food in the comforts of the home. And it has been added to the SNAP program.

SNAP, which is an acronym for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, has received a $5 million grant funded by the American Rescue Plan that will be announced this fall, allowing a more diverse convenient shopping experience. There are many people who receive nutrition assistance but may not have the means of getting to locations to buy food. 

According to Good Morning America, Stacy Dean, the agency’s deputy undersecretary for food, nutrition and consumer services, stated that it is “a vital resource that improves access and convenience for all, including low-income families.” She added that the grant has the potential to “improve customer service for SNAP participants, especially those that face barriers in traveling to a physical store.”

Food delivery and pickup service fees will be waived for the first three months for EBT SNAP holders. Standard rates will be applied after the three months. There was a pilot trial of this expansion plan during the pandemic; over 3 million households used online food services in May 2022.

Instacart will be a partner in this expansion, this expansion will include over 60 retailers and will span more than 8,000 stores yielding more food access for food security. 

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