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Chrisean Rock And Blueface Trend On Social Media Following A Viral Altercation!



A physical altercation between rapper BlueFace and reality television star Chrisean Rock is currently making its rounds on social media sparking both outrage and concern!

The incident took place between late Monday night and early Tuesday morning within the Hollywood Boulevard area of Los Angeles.

An onlooker apparently recognized Blueface and began to record from his cellphone as he noticed the exchange getting heated, quickly turning physical. As the two began to tussle, Chrisean ultimately ended up on the floor with Blueface on top of her.

Social media users have poured in with different prospectives of who they believe is the aggressor and at fault within the entire ordeal, as the couple’s relationship has been deemed as interestingly chaotic.

Following circulation of the video, Blueface shared a series of Instagram stories in where he claims the fight after he discovered Chrisean had allegedly been talking to other men. A video shows her in bed as Blueface accuses her of sleeping with a corrections officer from a New Orleans jail.

“Y’all don’t know her. I barely know her. Went through her damn phone. She fuckin’ the CO at the damn jailhouse. She sending the CO the hotel,” he says,

Chrisean denied the allegations of cheating on him with multiple people. “I’m only airing this out ‘cause you think she’s a solid bitch…She’s a good actor. I’m going to put you in a movie,” Blueface said.

ChriseanRock also took to social media to share that she’s not leaving Blueface despite him offering her $100K to leave him alone earlier.

Cousins, what are your thoughts on this ?

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