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Father Cuts His Locs In Support Of 7-Year-Old Son Battling Cancer!

-Avier Wanjou-BrasS-


If you are a tear-jerker like us, then proceed to read this adorable story with caution.!

Rayshawn Mims from Akron, Ohio, just won the father of the year award! In a Facebook live stream with his son Ahkeem, Mims cuts off his chest-length locs to support his son battling bone cancer. In the video, Mims tells his son, “Anything you go through, I’ll go through it with you.”

According to Blavity and the family’s GoFundMe, Ahkeem parents Rayshawn and Shannae Mims took their son to the emergency room for what they thought was a knee sprain.

The parents received shocking news when the doctors sent Ahkeem to Pittsburgh Children’s hospital for a “concerning” x-ray. Ahkeem was then diagnosed with osteosarcoma, and he started losing his hair after beginning chemotherapy treatments.

“I took an extended leave of absence [from work]. Due to his immune system being compromised from chemotherapy, I am unable to work as I run the risk of possibly infecting him with Covid,” Shannae wrote on the site for the campaign, which has received $24,613 so far — much more than the initially requested $5,000.

During Ahkeem’s trip to the children’s hospital for his treatment, the couple has four other children that Shannae says she sends them to stay with other family members. 

Of course, the comment section under Rayshawn’s Facebook video was full of positivity and praise. One Facebook user commented, “Bringing tears to my eyes!! You are an awesome father!! Praying for little man to be healed completely and praying for your family.”

The family showed their gratitude for the outpouring of support. Rayshawn wrote on Facebook, “Woooow! God is Good!! We would like to take this time to thank EVERYONE for your EXTREME Generosity, Love, Support, Prayers, Advice, and Most of all you who shared your touching testimonies with us!!!!” 

Also, Rayshawn continues to say he read the comments by writing, “I have honestly read thousands of comments and messages in these last few days and been brought to tears many times over. You are all amazing and have shined a beautiful light on a dark situation and for that we say, Thank You!!!

Ugh, where are the tissues? Because I need them right now!

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