Federal Judge Refers To Officers Involved In Violating George Floyd’s Rights As A “Rookie” And Hands Down A “Good Officer”

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Former Minneapolis police officers convicted for violating George Floyd civil rights in 2020 have officially been sentenced and its not nearly what people were expecting or hopeful for!

According to AP news, J. Alexander Kueng and Tou Thao were referred to as being a “truly rookie officer” as well as being described as a “good police officer, father and husband,” during Wednesday’s hearing.

Reports read that U.S District Judge Paul Magnuson issued lighter terms than recommended within the sentencing guidelines for violating a citizen’s civil rights. Alexander received three years in prison, with Tou receiving 3 1/2 for their involvement within the tragic incident.

Alexander was confirmed as pinning George’s back as Thao held back bystanders. Also fourth officer Thomas Lane held George’s feet as Derek Chauvin dug his knee in the victim’s neck until he took his last breath. Court documents read that Lane, Thao and Kueng were convicted of depriving Floyd of medical care. In addition Kueng and Thao were also convicted on a second count of failing to intervene.

The ruling has sparked outrage from social media users as well as George’s family. His brother Philonise has referred to the recent sentencing as “insulting” . George’s girlfriend Courtney Ross who also attended both hearings stated that she was disappointed towards Thao’s sentencing.

“Once again, our judicial system favored people that should be locked up forever,” says Floyd’s uncle, Selwyn Jones, on Thursday. He continues in saying that the officers, “contributed to the most brutal, heinous killing in most of our lifetimes.”

Cousins do agree with the lack of sentencing?

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