Hurricane Florence Leaves North Carolina And South Carolina In State Of Emergency


#Family , we would like to take this time to send our thoughts and prayers to the residents of both #NorthCarolina and #SouthCarolina during their time of need.

Last week category four, tropical storm identified as #HurricaneFlorence has left numerous Southern states in shambles; as over  300,000+ people attempt to piece their lives back together. According to #CBSnews atleast 32 people have died directly due to the storm, 25 in North Carolina, 6 in South Carolina and 1 Virginia resident.


The #CapeRiver has a set a record high rising to over 30ft. Sources predict the river to rise to 62+ feet by the end of the night, indicating that the river will continue to rise and then flood various cities. Local news outlets have indicated a total of 30 inches of rain has fallen since Thursday.

Numerous homes, businesses and other attractions have been completely destroyed. Sources state there are extremely limited supplies and residents are having a rough time obtaining access to essential resources.


To donate to the families and victims affected by Hurricane Florence please call : 1-800-HELP-NOW = 1-800-435-7669


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