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Kyle Rittenhouse Announces New Video Game Where He Shoots Animated Turkeys Labeled ‘Fake New’

-Natalee Gilbert-


Kyle Rittenhouse, a frowned-upon individual who killed two police brutality protestors with an assault rifle, announced that he’d be releasing a video game soon!

The RPG-themed game will play as Rittenhouse, who’ll shoot animated turkeys labeled “fake news” and “MSDNC.” The proceeds from “Kyle Rittenhouse’s Turkey Shoot” will go toward defamation lawsuit fees. Rittenhouse is going head-to-head against the media.

Washington Post states that “Kyle Rittenhouse’s Turkey Shoot” is now available for pre-order. Summing up to $9.99, the game will “aid Kyle’s legal defense against the fake news.” On the website, there’s a statement that reads:

Kyle Rittenhouse is raising funds to sue the left-wing media organizations for defamation, and now you can help.” The game’s developer, Mint Studios, ensures they’ll never “deplatform” legal content.

The game’s trailer sees Rittenhouse stating, 

The media is nothing but a bunch of turkeys with nothing better to do than to push their lying agenda and destroy innocent people’s lives.” 

Sometime in 2021, Rittenhouse vowed to serve the media with some karma. Moreover, he was not too pleased with how his trial was portrayed.

( 📸: Dallas Morning News )

He told FOX News’ news anchor, Tucker Carlson, in December 2021 that “there’s going to be some media accountability coming soon.”

“I can’t go to the store. It’s hard for me to go anywhere without security. Doing basic things like taking my dog to the dog park is difficult, so they made it really difficult to be normal.”

Rittenhouse got a slap on the wrist after facing five felony charges, including one for homicide. According to his defenses, his actions were solely innocent.

Rittenhouse claims he was attempting to protect local businesses after a protest for Jacob Blake got hectic. Blake was a victim of police brutality. On November 19th, 2021, he was found not guilty on all counts at the Kenosha County Courthouse.

(📸: KBTX)

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