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Bill Bellamy Left Devastated After Being Unable To Attend His Father’s Funeral Service; Says His Family Planned The Service OnThe Same Day As his Father In Law’s!

-Avier Wanjou-Brass-


Nobody wins when the family feuds! And in this case, for actor Bill Bellamy, a disagreement caused him to miss out on his father’s memorial service. 

According to TMZ, Bellamy had the difficult decision to attend his father’s memorial service and his father-in-law’s due to an “unauthorized memorial service planned by his sister.” Bellamy’s father passed on June 8th, while his father-in-law passed away on May 17th. 

As reported, Bellamy’s sister Karen Bellamy planned the funeral services for their father on June 24th, the same day the actor and his wife planned for his father-in-law’s funeral in a different state. Now Bellamy tried to file a restraining order to prevent their father’s funeral services from happening. But he was denied because no judge can “get involved in this sort of family dispute.” 

Bellamy tells TMZ, “In the span of less than a month I lost both my father William Bellamy Senior and my father-in-law Bernard Baker Junior. These two wonderful men that have impacted my life and my family’s lives in ways that are beyond words.” 

He continues… 

“My effort to stop an unauthorized memorial service for my father, which was planned without my knowledge, was not successful. I am devastated my family has to choose to miss one service for another, no one should ever have to be in this position. My father-in-law’s memorial service was confirmed back in May when he passed. 

There are no words to express how disappointed I am to not be a part of laying my father to rest but I look forward to celebrating my father’s life and legacy with my wife, his grandchildren, and our close friends in our own time.

Please pray for our families and give us the time to grieve and process these painful losses in private.”

On the other hand, Karen says it’s a different story. She tells TMZ, “Bill and his wife Kristen demanded that the entire family and loved ones grieve on their schedules. The memorial was never on the same date. The only service that took place is for [their father] William Bellamy, Sr. on June 24, 2022.”

She adds, “Bill and his wife made a personal choice to not attend. Kristen’s service for her dad is on June 30, 2022. New Jersey Superior Court denied their request to stop the service.”

We hope their family can work out whatever is going on between them! Everyone should be together at this time in unity, not feuding.

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