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Kevin Hart To Open Plant-based Fast Food Restaurant ‘Hart House’ This Summer !

-Jasmine Dyer-


Kevin Hart has recently announced he will be making his way into the fast-food industry this Summer with a plant-based restaurant! 

The comedian and actor’s restaurant is called ‘Hart House’ and will feature vegan burgers,” chicken” sandwiches and nuggets, salads, milkshakes, and more. According to Philly Voice, the first two locations will be open in Los Angeles and Hollywood. A food truck will also be in use but only for private and special events for now. 

The restaurant’s primary goal is to give people the same foods they enjoy but healthier with great taste and at an affordable price. Food at Hart House will be free of artificial colors, preservatives, and corn syrup. 

Kevin first disclosed his transition to a plant-based diet in a podcast with Joe Rogan; after his near-life-ending car accident in 2019, he wanted to live healthier.

Plans for making Hart House began around two years ago with restaurateur Andy Hooper. The restaurant has also hired the creator of Burger King’s Impossible Whopper, culinary chef Michael Salem to create the menu.

On Joe Rogan’s podcast, Hart encouraged everyone to try plant-based foods and challenge their judgment.

“Just because you make the decision to go and try plant-based, doesn’t mean you have to [be engulfed] in that world,” Hart told Rogan. “Learn it, understand it, and see if there are benefits that work for you.” Kevin Hart has removed red meat, fish, and all seafood from his diet but occasionally eats chicken. He prefers to identify as a “plant-based eater” rather than a vegan.

Cousins are y’all excited for ‘Hart House’ ???

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