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Suge Knight Possibly To Pay A Hefty $81 Million In Wrongful Death Lawsuit!

-Natalee Gilbert-


Vibe recently reported that Suge Knight could potentially dig into his pockets to pay a huge sum!

Marion “Suge” Knight is facing financial consequences through a wrongful death lawsuit. The amount mentioned will compensate his clients for their grief and hardship. The lawyer representing Terry Carter’s family argues that the former music figure should pay Carter’s widow and two daughters $27 million each. When adding these amounts together, it equates to $81 million. 

This appeal for financial security was mentioned during the closing arguments in the case today. 

Lance Behringer, the lawyer making a stance for Carter’s family, said to the Los Angeles County jury: 

“Dying on the concrete floor alone at Tam’s Burgers was not a natural death. He was taken from these three women. Nobody’s comfortable talking about money. But that’s what we have to do.”

Suge Knight is currently behind bars in a sentence of 28 years for voluntary manslaughter. Although he pleaded no contest to his role in Carter’s death in 2018, the judicial branch thought otherwise. Carter was killed near the Straight Outta Compton film set in 2015. His unfortunate passing occurred after Knight struck him with his truck during a heated argument. Following this, the family filed a lawsuit against Knight. However, there was no sum attached to their request.

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Knight’s attorney, Rob Kenner, argued that his harmful actions were an act of self-defense. 

Kenner continued, “Imagine somebody punching you, chasing you again, punching you again, pointing a gun at you, threatening to kill you.” After, his attorney asked the jurors to put themselves in Knight’s shoes. “You have to decide what would you have done then.”

Following this statement, Kenner emphasized that Knight wasn’t going against the worth of Carter’s life. Instead, he believes that Knight taking responsibility for his actions serves a bigger purpose than paying the requested amount.  

He closed out his argument by saying,

“With all due apologies to Ms. Carter and the Carter family, I ask that you render a verdict of not liable.” 

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At the start of his case, two of Knight’s attorneys were charged for allegedly witness tampering. In addition, Suge’s fiancee pled guilty in 2017 of violating a court order. She committed a crime by selling videos of Knight striking Carter with his truck. Straight Outta Compton director F. Gary Gray also accused Knight of making death threats at him while waiting on his trial’s arrival.

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