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Abbott Elementary’s Second Season To Drop In Time For The New Academic School Year!

-Natalee Gilbert-


Abbott Elementary is coming in strong for the back-to-school season. Launching its second installment this fall, the beloved comedy series is set to air at the time slot Modern Family had previously!

The Quinta Brunson-led series will now hit small screens at 9 pm EST on September 21st. According to ComicBook, several fans compare this show to The Office, which also took on a mockumentary aesthetic. 

In its first season, Abbott Elementary grew a massive fanbase within every new episode. The season’s finale saw its ranking shoot up to almost 200%. With the new schedule set in place, ABC will place The Conners at 8 pm, The Goldbergs at 8:30 pm, and Home Economics at 9:30 pm. They’ll close their undefined comedy time with Big Sky at 10 pm.

(📸: Show Snob)

As stated by EP Guides, Abbott Elementary is about “a group of dedicated, passionate teachers who battle an uncaring principal and try to save one of the worst public schools in the country.” The television series includes Tyler James Williams, Janelle James, Chris Perfetti, Lisa Ann Walker, Sheryl Lee Ralph, and William Standford Davis. The show kickstarted in December 2021 and has been thriving ever since. 

Although Abbott Elementary is often compared to shows like Parks and Recreation or The Office, Tyler James Williams says it’s quite an honor for the show. 

During an interview with Variety, the Everybody Hates Chris actor said:

“It’s impossible for The Office not to be an influence. It’s the golden standard of this style. And Randall Einhorn, who [was a cinematographer and director] on The Office is one of our executive producers, and directed [six] episodes of this season. So there’s gonna be a lot of things that feel that way. However, for me, unfortunately, I can no longer watch The Office. Because I don’t want to bring things in that I’m not even cognizant of. I have to lose The Office in this process, so that we don’t end up directly stealing anything here.”

(📸: Showbiz Cheat Sheet)

He continues, 

“It’s like the comparison between [Michael] Jordan and the Bulls and LeBron [James] and – not the Lakers now, because, geez, we’re not making playoffs … but you know what I mean? This is even the conversation, particularly as a Season 1 show, is incredibly humbling. It’s an honor. If that’s the bar that we’re being compared to, that’s where I would like to reside. I like high stakes. So if it comes down to, ‘Which one’s better? The Office or Abbott?’ I’ll take that fight every day.”

(📸:TV Insider)

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