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Omarion Announces Release Of Upcoming Book ‘Unbothered : The Power Of Choosing Joy’



Omarion is officially letting folks in on the the secret sauce of protecting your peace at all costs. The singer and songwriter is set to make his author debut with the release of his book ‘Unbothered : The Power of Choosing Joy’

As a father of two, paired with over 20 years in the spotlight we can only imagine the trials and tribulations Omarion has been able to endure within his life time. However his naturally at ease response to life is not something he learned over night.

Within the 256 page self help book, Omarion will share his personal journey from a spiritual prospective that he hopes will teach readers how to nurture themselves, reports Vibe Magazine.

The book will be compartmentalized of three sections including spirituality, mental health and physical wellness. It has been said that Omarion will provide a deeper insight to his own personal practices and techniques such as breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, dancing and the use of ancient mantras.

Unbothered’ will also shed light on intimate experiences in the former boy band lead singer’s life. Omarion will speak on the dark areas he endured previously and how he handled it in hopes of teaching forgiveness and emotional intelligence.

Omarion also speaks on the ever-growing lessons of parenting while raising his own son and daughter Mega and Amei.

“When you become a parent, there’s no manuscript,” shared Omarion. “You have to look at your parents and the things that they had or didn’t have and take full responsibility for what you want.”

Unbothered: The Power of Choosing Joy is currently available for preorder and will officially release on Sept. 13, 2022.

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