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Own Network Set To Debut Reality Series, “Marry Me Now” Starring Women Proposing To Their Partners!



There’s been a longtime debate surrounding if women ask for their partner’s hand in marriage should be acceptable or not. In response to what appears to be the possible new norm, the folks of the Own network are set to debut a reality series staring multiple women taking their relationship’s destiny into their own hands!

“Marry Me Now,” hosted by author and relationship coach Rebecca Lynn Pope will feature eight women currently residing in Houston, Texas. Each woman is in a long term relationship with strong hopes of getting married.

The women will not only issue a surprise proposal to their partner but also take charge of planning everything surrounding the big day including their weddings.

“Each week, Rebecca guides one woman as she takes the reins in her relationship, secretly constructing all of the elements for a surprise wedding and culminating with a surprise public proposal to her significant other. All this in just three days,” reads a statement from OWN.

“From finding the perfect dress, to breaking the news to both families, the bride-to-be shocks her partner with the proposal, and (hopefully) exchanging vows.”

After the proposal each lady will gain clarification of where their relationship is headed.

Cousins, will you be tuning in?

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