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Kicking It One On One With Image Consultant And Rae Louis Founder Tysheona Mickens!



We’ve kicked off the new year in a one on one interview with image consultant, illustrator, podcaster and founder of Rae Louis brand Tysheona Mickens!

Tysheona speaks on her journey of entrepreneurship and the connection she’s made in the past couple of years of migrating her talents into an overall business.

At first I didn’t get into the fashion business I actually went to school for dental. Then I switched that idea and went into culinary arts. You know how it is when you’re working for someone else and you just want to do your own thing.”

Tysheona tells us within her previous role as an auditor for ASOS, she was able to learn the process of shipping inbound and outbound merchandise, all while manifesting and building her brand.

”When I was little I would always pick different clothing, style my sisters and try different things overall to be different.”

Tysheona says a few short years ago, while growing up in the hip and urban streets of Atlanta, she noticed something the fashion industry was missing and began to create a variation of styles that were not only urban but unique.

I figured out that the dreams I was chasing previously, were things I actually enjoyed doing as a kid. It’s a play on your subconscious mind. We revert back to what we loved as a kid and naturally chase that as an adult.”

For many people the pandemic played a major depiction of cause and effect. From hundreds to thousands of brands going out of business to millions of creatives being able to tap into their niche.

When we had that shutdown it helped me take care of my mental, I felt as if I was moving ahead of time because of my peers. So it helped me to sit back and figure out who I was. I was able to build a foundation in my business during this time.”

Better me Better Future HoodieBetter me Better Future Hoodie

Better me Better Future Hoodie

Tysheonna says that she was able to gain overall focus by locking in and deciding what she wanted.

“During the shutdown I locked in completely. You know it was just me in that room working.

Tysheona dropped noteworthy gems to our audience highlight the importance of being a continuous student of your craft by researching, studying and just working consistently to build a solid foundation.

Rae Louis is a Retail operation establishment in the United States. That also specializes in image consulting and fashion Illustrations for both men and women.

Rae Louis’s purpose is to ” Enhance The Wear” meaning improve the image quality from inside and out while finding the true you and bringing it to a whole new light..

Tysheona is a woman of many talents both inside and outside of the world of fashion, she’s started her own podcast named I.AM.ME. Which she says originally began with her just venting and it became sincerely therapeutic.


Be sure to support the Rae Louis brand and all its entities. As Tysheona has recently launched the brand’s first studio and wardrobe room back in January.  They also provide service to entrepreneurs seeking to produce image content, and connect with creatives. The studio is located the south side of Atlanta, GA ,5530A Old National Hwy, Atlanta, GA, 30349 and is said to require a scheduled appointment via

Driven by both faith and strength Tysheona, plans to utilize her talent to help other men and women feel encouraged!

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