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Nicki Minaj And Kenneth Petty Hit With Lawsuit From Head Of Security Following Claims Of Being Sucker Punched!


Mr and Mrs Petty are reportedly facing new legal troubles following claims that a head of security agent is currently seeking legal counsel in result of being allegedly sucker punched!

According to court records obtained by TMZ, the incident took place 2019 in Germany while backstage at a concert. It has been stated that Nick was allegedly upset that the security team allowed a male fan to jump onto the stage during the show.

Head of security for the venue identified as Thomas Weidenmuller claims they Nicki yelled at a female guard and called her a f****** b*****, in which he says he has a live recording. He says that he intervened only because Nicki had allegedly made the woman cry.

Thomas goes on to say they Nicki then yelled at him asking “ Who do you think you are?” and allegedly threw her show at him but missed. Documents read that he left the room soon after that without being touched but was later called back.

It has been indicated that Nicki allegedly called him back to continue the discussion and repeatedly yelled. He says that’s when Kenneth came out of no where and punched him the face ultimately breaking his jaw.

Thomas says due to the impact of the punch he had 8 surgeries in order to fix his jaw and currently has 5 plates and is in need of 6 additional operations to get his mouth back in order.

The suit confirms that he’s suing the married couple for damages including his medical bills.

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