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Wendy Williams’ Team Slams Rumors Surrounding Her Health, “Any Speculation About Her Not Returning Is Just That: Speculation”



There’s been an overflow of conspiracy theories alongside countless speculations following the months long absence of Wendy Williams’ from her signature talk show. The media maven’s team has officially broken their silence in saying that none of the rumors are at all true!

According to Page Six a lot of the he say-she say is being forwarded straight from staff members of the Wendy Williams’ show.

In regards to claims surrounding the 57 year old’s health a source has told the outlet, “It’s one thing to see what we have seen in the studio, but it’s another thing when certain staff members make it to her home..when the camera and mics are off, the liquor comes out.”

📸: The Mega Agency

📸: The Mega Agency

An additional source tells the Sun, “ The spark is gone. That Wendy, who for 10 years had that spark in her eyes, that cheeky grin and that little wink is not the same now. She’s not always functioning like she used to be. She has days where she needs help eating, getting out of bed and getting dressed.”

Further speculations hint at Wendy having issues recognizing people she previously worked closely with, alongside claims that there are days she has recollection of who they are at all.

📸: Splash

📸: Splash

“The remaining staff speak amongst themselves. But a lot of the stories going around do have some truth to them. A lot of the staff have already left so [the ones who remain] do not feel like they still have loyalty to Wendy. 

“For what? … She’s not getting better and she is not coming back, so it’s whatever. They wish her the best, but these are tough times and people need their paychecks.” 

A representative of Wendy by the name of Howard Bragman told Page Six, “The health issues are inaccurate and any speculation about her not returning to the show is just that: speculation.”

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