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A New Program Will Give Georgia Women $850 In Guaranteed Monthly Income!



There is a new program set in place in Georgia to help dozens of black women, and it aims to better their financial stability, mental health and combat the racial wage gap!

Courtesy of a new guaranteed income pilot program, In Her Hands, calls for 650 black women to get $850 a month. According to Black Enterprise,

The program will roll out this year and will distribute 13 million dollars. The program is set to be one of the largest in America. 

The program is being led by the Georgia Resilience and Opportunity Fund, which are local officials. The participants will be women who live in Atlanta and other suburban and rural areas in Georgia, who are near or under the federal poverty line.

Also, it will study how unconditional cash can help the financial and mental well-being of the participants. 

Purposely started in Atlanta, it has the most income inequality. Expected to launch in the city’s Fourth Ward in early 2022, it will expand to two more cities, in Southwest Georgia and the Metro Atlanta suburbs.

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