Quavo Sued for Allegedly Putting the Paws On Limo Driver, “They Really F**** Me Up”

-Avier Wanjou-Brass-


Migos group member and Atlanta native, Quavo is currently in the hot seat, and it involves allegedly putting the paws on someone!

Reportedly, the rapper is facing a lawsuit from his Las Vegas limo driver, who claims Quavo and his crew assaulted him.

According to XXL and  TMZ, the suit reads Quavo is being sued for an alleged incident, that occurred over Independence Day weekend in Las Vegas last summer.

In the lawsuit, the unnamed driver picked up the group from an area club, to take them to the virgin hotel.Things took a turn when members of Quavo’s entourage accused him of leaving someone in their group, and started scolding him.  

The driver then claims that he tried to smooth things over with the group members. But they told him to “shut the f*** up”. Next, he claims he was hit with a bottle, and the group of 5 assaulted him.

What’s wild is that the limo driver states, the hotel staff allegedly witnessed the assault but did nothing about it! Yikes.

The driver is suing Quavo, Migos Touring, and the hotel for unspecified compensation. He also claims he has suffered physically and mentally. Quavo or the Migos management has not dropped a statement yet.

I know this happened last year, but is this how we are going to start 2022? 

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