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Issa Rae Reveals She Wishes Her Role Had A Chance To Explore Motherhood In Final Season!



We are still on a high from the final episode / season of Insecure. As fans continue to tap in with deep thoughts and discussions of how each character’s journey relates to different areas in their lives folks have forwarded ideas of areas they’d like to have seen the characters explore!

Now a true Insecure fan knows that the series leading lady Issa Rae live tweets often and even taps into some of theories and commentary. We’ve all wanted our girl find true love and success in all areas including motherhood and come to find out she agrees.

In a recently issued interview with Vulture when asked, “Are there any other plotlines you wish you could have done?” Issa says she wishes she was able to explore motherhood as a plot line within the series.

Yeah, actually. Especially — and since it is so present in my life right now, and I’m curious about it — I do wish we could’ve explored motherhood through Issa. And deciding to or not to. That is something super real that we discussed in the room: Women having this ticking time clock that’s so unfair that men will never experience. They can be like, Yeah, I’m 53, it’s time to have kids. And we really have a time to decide. You can freeze your eggs, you can do all these things, but there’s just something. There was an interesting discussion that happened in the room that men were enlightened by — annoyingly so — that the women in the room really bonded over: Oh my God, you feel this way, too? Even if you don’t want kids, you still feel that clock. And there’s such a pressure in the back of your mind of having to decide. That’s something I wish we were able to explore. Maybe we’ll explore it with something else.

As in a different show?

Maybe. Who knows? Or I’ll explore in real life.


I am exploring in real life. I mean, we’ll see.

Cousins! Would you have liked to have seen a mini Lawrence /Issa?

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