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Dr. Dre Set To Pay Ex Wife $100 Million In Divorce Settlement!



An official settlement has been reached in the divorce of music mogul Dr Dre and his wife Nicole Young and word on the street is it cost him a pretty penny!

According to TMZ, Dre has leveled his divorce case by issuing a hefty property settlement agreement. He has agreed to pay Nicole $100 million with a down payment of $50 million now and the remainder balance paid in a year from now.

Sources confirm that Dre is actually pleased with the fact that he only had to pay his estranged with a tiny portion of his gigantic estate seeing how he’s reportedly worth over $800 million.

Questions are heavy in speculation as folks wonder why Nicole didn’t get half exactly. But the truth of the matter is that a prenup was set in place that she’s already contested.

( 📸: Instagram )

( 📸: Instagram )

It has been stated that Dre has been able to keep 7 of the properties that they own, which includes a Malibu home, 2 homes in Calabasas, and 4 properties in the L.A. area, also the $100 million Brentwood estate.

Reports read that Dre has been allowed to keep full rights to his master recordings, trademarks and interests in various partnerships and trusts. Including all of their Apple stocks and the proceeds from the sale of Beats by Dre.

The former couple will splits a series of vehicles with Dre getting 6 and Nicole gets 4.

She’s allowed to keep jewelry, cash and bank accounts that she had already maintained while they were married.

Nicole has been ordered to pay her own legal fees which reportedly racked up to millions of dollars.

Sources closely connected to Dre indicate that Nicole could‘ve made out with a heftier bag if had she settled a year ago.

Cousins! Do you think Nicole should’ve received more or got exactly what she deserved?

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