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DeVon Franklin Files For Divorce From Meagan Good After 9 Years Of Marriage!



Looks like another Hollywood couple has decided to go separate ways following reports that DeVonFranklin has officially filed for divorce from his wife of 9 years Meagan Good!

According to The Blast, legal documents show that the preacher, producer and author filed for divorce on Monday December 20th at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles, California.

Though there are minimal details provided at this time, fans have dived deep into a previous interview on The Real where Meagan previously stated that she wanted to wait a few years before having children. “I’m going to take my time. I had monkeys a few years ago and now I have two hairless cats. I’m kind of like a Never Never Land person—so I’m going to wait. In the right time. I’m gonna take my time.”

With the success of Meagan’s new starring role in the show“Harlem” on prime video and DeVon’s upcoming book “ Live Free” it’s being hinted at that maybe the couple were possibly on two different pages.

The couple released an exclusive joint statement with People magazine reflecting on their decision.

The statement explains that both Meagan, 40 and DeVon, 43 love each other very much and that no one is at fault; however they believe this is the best decision for their future evolution.

After much prayer and consideration, we have decided to go into our futures separately but forever connected.

“We celebrate almost a decade of marriage together and a love that is eternal. There’s no one at fault, we believe this is the next best chapter in the evolution of our love,” they continue. 

“We are incredibly grateful for the life-changing years we’ve spent together as husband and wife. We are also extremely thankful to God for the testimony being created inside us both and for blessing our lives with each other,”

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