Diggy Simmons Responds To Writers Guild Member That Accused Him And Trevor Jackson Of Not Supporting Current Writer’s Strike!

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Cousins! Diggy Simmons has made a rare appearance on Twitter as he responds to a Wrtier’s Guild Member that recently accused both him and Trevor Jackson of laughing at the current writers strike and failing to issue support.

A woman by the name of Caroline alleges that on day one of the writers strike she presented both Trevor and Diggy the opportunity to join her and other fellow writers as they protested for increase in pay. She says that Diggy and Trevor allegedly looked at them as they striked and walked away laughing. However he explained that wasn’t the case at all.

“We quietly & respectfully observed the
picketing, from a distance when walking
back from lunch break on the lot. We only
had a few seconds to look before having to
get back to work,”Diggy wrote within a now deleted tweet.

“You approached us and attempted to say
“we have some actors here” into a
megaphone.” He went on to explain, “It didn’t make any sound through the device, you were trying to turn it on or make it work, at which point we looked at each other and hurried away nervously laughing off the awkward incident that would’ve ensued, had your megaphone did work. You did not ask us to strike, we left abruptly as we anticipated the attention of everyone striking would be diverted to us,something we did not want nor expect.”

Diggy added, “As a writer myself, in no world would I ever mock you or any of the writers out on the line. Sending this with warmth, as I feel there’s tension caused through the misinformation.

In case you all are unfamiliar, the labor Union of Writer’s Guild of America which represents over 1,000 entertainment writers ranging from film, television, online media and more went on strike earlier this week. According to PEOPLE, the deadline for a new contract exceeded as of May 1st. Due to a series of failed negotiations writers decided to go on strike for the first time in over 15 years.

Reports read that amongst the negotiations for an increase in pay there were other elements that Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers( AMPTP ) and WGA failed to agree on which amplified them to take action. The first writer’s strike affected the legendary sitcom of ‘Girlfriends’ and more.

Thoughts ?

Thoughts ?

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