Kevin Durant Slapped With $25,000 Fine After Cussin Out Fan During Game!

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-Avier Wanjou -Brass-


It looks like Kevin Durant has to pay a hefty fine for his language. The Brooklyn Nets forward, will have to cough up $25,000 for directing obscene language towards a fan during a game in Atlanta.

According to ESPN, the president of the league operations (NBA) Byron Spruell, announced Sunday, Durant will have to pay the fine.

The incident took place Friday night, when the fan rattled at Durant in the second quarter of the Nets’ 113-105 victory over the Hawks.

In a video taken courtside posted on social media, the fan who is off-camera can be heard yelling, “Durant, stop crying!” Which caused Durant to respond with multiple expletives.

Kevin Durant scored 31 points within the game. 

Cousins, do you guys think the fine is valid? Or is the NBA going over the board? 

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