Khloe Kardashian Demands Blac Chyna Forward “Only Fans” Financial Records In A Million Dollar Court Battle!

-Avier Wanjou Brass-


As if things couldn’t get anymore staticky in the ongoing Blac Chyna verses the Kardashians case, Khloe’ Kardashian is currently demanding the rapping-mogul to show her Only Fans finances to prove steady income!

According to Radar Online, the reality star’s lawyers want Chyna to cough up her financial records because she refuses to produce the requested docs. In the nasty court battle, Chyna is suing her ex Rob, his mother Kris, and his sisters, Khloe’, Kim, and Kylie, over accusations that she abused Rob.

The model and mother of Rob’s daughter, Dream Kardashian, alleges the Kardashian/Jenner clan conspired together to spread lies to E! News executives. Chyna says this resulted in the cancellation of her reality show Rob & Chyna.

“Defendants damaged the trajectory of her career as a public figure and entertainer, causing Plaintiff to lose millions of dollars in income. Opportunities that would otherwise have been available to her, specifically from other television shows, paid appearances, and endorsement deals,” the docs read. 

Chyna alleges she lost millions of dollars due to the Kardashian/Jenner family defamation. Yet, in a newly filed court document, the family wants to see the actual proof that she lost millions! The family claims that Chyna refuses to produce her tax returns for 2018 to the present. Khloe argues, Chyna’s career has not suffered as she continues to make tons of money. 

Not only that, but Khloe wants to know how much money she made before and after the alleged defamation. Khloe’s lawyer states, “Plaintiff cannot seek lost income damages through trial yet refuse to produce documents through the present. The Court should order Plaintiff to produce all documents responsive”.

In response to the forwarded demands Chyna alongside her legal team argues that Khloé is obsessed with her sexually. She even claims that Khloe once asked Rob why he didn’t sleep with a “Khloe Look-Alike”

Chyna argues within forwarded documents that Khloé’s request should be denied.

As of right now a judge hasn’t ruled on any of the matters forwarded within this case. Please stick with us for further updates.

Cousins! What ya’ll think? Are the Kardashians/Jenners dead wrong for allegedly stopping sis coins or does Chyna have something to hide?

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