Stevie J Threatens To Sue Delta Airline For Claims Of Racial ProfilingAfter Being Kicked Off Delta Airline For An Alcoholic Beverage Issue!

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-Brittany Hennis-


The good guy is in the news this week AGAIN!

Our favorite Love and Hip Atlanta cast-mate, Stevie J has recently been kicked off a Delta flight due to not throwing away an alcoholic drink before boarding!

Stevie and his son Stevie Jr had to be escorted out, due to not wanting to throw the beverage away, reported Hip Hop Wired. The good guy claims that the airline racially profiled him.

According to sources over at TMZ, Stevie J says that a flight attendant was upset because he and his son did not follow their request immediately.

The two admitted they had drinks while waiting to board their flight, but denied they were bringing more alcohol beverage onboard.

Even though the two were not banned from flying Delta, the infamous good say he’s going to bring the incident to his attorney.

Thankfully no arrests were made and they were able to book another flight and made it to their location safely.

Delta released a statement and explained that Stevie and his son were asked to get rid of their drinks before boarding, but the two brought their drinks anyway and that made the situation worst than it was. The airline did admit the two finished the drinks immediately once they entered the plane, but Delta did not appreciate that and escorted them off the plane.

A video of the incident went viral on social media. Within the clip, you can hear Stevie complain about their time being wasted and even mentioning that he will attempt to sue the airline for the unfair treatment.

Some people seriously need a lesson in airport etiquette. We all know we are not supposed to bring any beverages on the plane, but I guess people think because they’re celebrities that those rules do not apply… Just go fly your private jet while us regular folks follow the instructions!

Cousins, what are your thoughts on the situation?

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