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Trial Set For Officer That Murdered Atatiana Jefferson!

-Angelot Ndongmo-


An official trial date has been set by a Texas judge during a court hearing on recently, for slain victim Atatiana Jefferson, who died at the hands of former officer Aaron Dean!

BET explains the original trial date of November 16 was delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Things have changed around and preliminary trial motions are slated for December 6, the jury selection will begin January 4. The official new trial date is scheduled for January 10.

It was a regular evening for Atatiana, a melanated woman, as she sat playing video games with her 8 year old nephew, Zion Carr, in the wee hours of the morning. She had cracked her door slightly to catch a breeze. A neighbor noticed her door ajar, and called police to report it.

The police had their body cameras on and upon arrival, they let themselves into her backyard, Dean, a white officer, shone light into the back window of her home. Jefferson heard them and went to grab her firearm and peered out to investigate. Dean immediately opened fire, killing her within seconds.

Jefferson never even knew who extinguished her life because according to the arrest warrant, he “failed to announce that he was an officer.” 

The public outcry was thundering and they demanded murder charges for the killer cop; who quickly resigned before the police department could fire him. It does not sit well with the protestors that an officer who was responding to a wellness check, immediately discharged his weapon through the window of a 28 year old woman. The killing happened within moments of his unannounced arrival onto her property.

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